Help patients before the test instructions and conditions for sampling

1. Before fasting blood glucose should be 15-12 hour fast.
2. It is necessary to test blood sugar 2 hours to eat a full breakfast and fresh and exactly 2 hours after the initial visit.
3. When the history of glycemic control to test blood sugar or medications as directed by your doctor before you act.
4. To test blood sugar at 4 o\’clock in the afternoon after lunch refer exactly 4 hours.
5. To test blood lipids, particularly triglycerides must complete 14 hours of fasting and refrained from eating fatty foods the night before, but not fruits and tea.
And adults in the cup if it receives in the form of sterile urine sample on aggregate.
First, wash and dry the urethra and urinary then open the lid without the lid placed on the earth I poured out urine and quickly pour the urine into the container, close the container. For answer, see this experiment 48 hours later.
7. If you have a history of seizures or epilepsy, you should notify the responsible for sampling.
8.Repeat sampling routine tests if need be prepared 24 hours later, but 48 Sat culture experiments the samples need time.

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